The Omnigma Organization
and its affiliates
Honoring and Promoting the Original intent of the Internet since 1996
We work to perpetuate a free, open and egalitarian Internet focused on empowering people interested in communication and actions that are beneficial to society; not in the interests of predatory, destructive corporations or fanatical political and intolerant religious groups. Our system of ethics compels us to work in support of honest, rational, caring endeavors. The wellbeing of the natural world in which we must all live is always a primary consideration of ours.

We have created many dozens of websites for ourselves and others since 1996. While some of our sites are fairly artistically sophisticated, many are rather plain. And some sites we created have gotten a million hits a year. But, they all work cleanly, efficiently, safely and effectively. We keep our coding as simple and standards compliant as possible so the pages can be viewed in almost any windows or linux browser version from about 2013 on.

We abhor the proliferation of abusive sites that load you up with cookies, spyware, and even malware.

We realize the need people have to communicate with friends and family using the internet. However, social media sites are dangerous because
1- there is a huge amount of misinformation, propaganda and fraud on them
2- all the info on them is public. So, thieves can know when to break into your house if you post when you will be gone on vacation.
3- Social Media and many other sites grab all the personal information they can from you. Many profit immensely by selling that personal information.

Therefore, if at all possible, we recommend against using G00GLE, AMAZ0N, chrome, chromebooks and android for they have been proven to be mostly spyware.
Now, it seems, APPPLE, MICRO$OFT and your Internet Service Provider work to profit from your personal info, too.
And, we don't mess with the rat's nest that is proprietary phone or tablet coding, though many of them will display our pages adequately.

Finally, and importantly, We despise the wasteful, irresponsible, costly, planned obsolescence that makes people buy new 'devices' and software every couple of years. It is almost always for the purpose of increased corporate profit.

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NOTE: We derive no benefit from any software or sites we mention and that are linked here. They are reputable and we have used them for our clients and friends for decades.

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