A Multi-media Experiment

  Created by Don W. using:
    Shareware programs from 1997-2013
    Running on a computer put together from pieces in 2010
    The music was performed (almost) live by:

                ElectroMusical Force - the chamber trio for the 21st century - copyright and tm Don C. Windmiller

The work is in MP4 format and should play in any modern browser's media player or system utility
We strongly recommend a large monitor and high-fidelity speakers or headphones to enjoy the full quality of the work
The file is over 9 MegaBytes in size which can cause 'buffering delays' on slower connections

To overcome this individuals may right click and download the file.


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  Entirety © Copyright and tm December 2020 Don C. windmiller of CrossWind Communication Arts
All rights reserved.
presented with the concurrence of the Omniascendent Community