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» the Physical World - Intellectual Concepts and Observations
  > Energy Systems - types, best practices, uses and abuses

     •Beyond Nuclear (Energy & Weapons)   •Nuclear Info. & Resource Service   •Non-Nuclear Org. List
     •Space for PeaceKarl Grossman Responsible Commentary  •Special SpaceForce Video   •Solartopia
  > Environmental Design and Implementation - Responsible, Durable Construction, Land Use Practices and Systems
        •Habitat Design
  > Communication - all its varied forms, requirements and abuses
      • GAFAMM - the destructive monsters
GAS, CAR, GAFAMM - real problems not as silly as they sound
      • The Internet - its original charter, use and abuses   •About the Internet   •Net Neutrality Matters
» Socio-Intellectual Concepts and Observations - this section is still being prepared
  > War and Peace - War is not a valid choice
  > Governance - fraud of democracy, rnc & dnc are all frauds, socialist concepts, etc.
  > Economics - Capitalism, economy is people not the Stock Market, Free Market Fraud
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