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Major Categories
  » History proves that human societies all ultimately fail - cause: human behavior is mostly emotional, rarely rational, seldom disciplined and almost always selfish, tribal and with an uncontrolled propensity for violence
» Societal Groupings
    » We posit and accept that human biology, gender and behavior are not binary. Human physical, biological, genetic sex, intellect, emotion, thought and behavior exist along a continuum of great variety.
    » stereotyping, false labeling & accusations - some terms that are vague, ignorantly misused and misunderstood:
    » antifa - Antifa actually refers to anti-fascist, It is a positive concept promoted by many individuals. It is not a single powerful organization. And fascism is a terribly ignorantly misused and misunderstood term, too.
    » fascism - a destructive, authoritarain, dictatorial force working to support an oligarchy with no consideration for the populace
    » socialism - the basic concept of this form of governance is not evil, it is in the preamble of the Constitution "promote the general welfare"
    » woke - means to awaken, to become alert and aware. Its opposite is mentally sluggish, unaware and uninformed. Which would you want to be?
    » by values systems -
    » social media -
    » cities -
    » Education -
    » censorship - Some ignorant people are banning and burning books they say are obscene. Here is a truly obscene one: the bible it endorses
» Genocide: Deuteronomy 20; 16-18 « » Incest: Genesis 19: 32-35 « » Masturbation: Leviticus 15: 1-18 « » Murder: Judges 19:29 « » Kidnapping: Genesis 37: 12-36 « » Nudity: Genesis 2:25 « » Prostitution: Ezekiel 23: 11 « » Sodomy: Judges 19:22 « » Rape: Genesis 34: 2-3; Genesis 19 «
» Human Behavior -
    » Human Mental Propensities -
    » Belief Systems -
      » We appreciate people whose values are decent, honest, impartial and caring. However, we do not accept supernatural, superstitious beliefs as practiced by religions and religious people.
       » As an example, While we have learned a lot about weather systems, our lack of complete understanding meand forecasts lack accuracy when projecting more than a couple of days. However, that does not mean that we believe weather is the result of supernatural forces. The endless absurd stories of people rescued from disasters by the hard and dangerous work of fire fighters and when interviewed thank a make-believe god for saving them. » TBD
       » Cults -
» Organizations -
    » TBD -
    » Business - The Greedflation of Corporations, most of whom were bailed out with millions during the height of the tRUMP plague, is driving people into poverty, bankruptcy and homelessness by the millions.see next point
        » Unlike the united states, civilized nations don't have executive to worker compensation ratios that exceed 30:1
        » Civilized nations don't let for-profit corporations ru(i)n their health care systems
    » Political -
      » Congress is destructively divided, but not as corporate Snews says. Yes, Left Dems vs. Right Repugs. But, more importantly: it is divided into
1) self-serving, grandstanding, lying, partisan idiots like Greene, Gaetz, Boebert, McConnell, McCarthy, etc., that do nothing to help the majority of people
2) conscientious, honest dedicated public servants working for the betterment of the country and the majority of people like Wyden, Raskin, Tlaib, Sanders, AOC, Ihlan, etc.
      » The rampant corruption in all levels of government coupled with the highly distorted electoral college and the powerfully abusive two-party duopoly ensure that decent, honest candidates will almost never succeed.
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