the Omnigma Compendium
May sound silly, but these are very real problems in our society.

As of February 2022 this Draft Version is Still in Development
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Though what is presented below may seem overly idealistic and maybe even extreme, the concepts are fully supported by many years of thoughtful observation and analytical research. (links to which will be included here as soon as they can be concisely formulated)

Human society* is full of
GAS (Greed And Stupidity)
which powers their
CAR (Capitalism And Religion)
Capitalism is conceptually destructive and we condemn religion that manifests itself in intolerant, hateful superstition
which is driven and controlled by
GAFAMM (G00GLE, AMAZ0N, FARCEBOOK, APPPLE, MICR0$0FT, MALWART) whose unquechable thirst for unstoppable power and obscene wealth drives them to endlessly grind over all the rubble-strewn streets in search of new victims for their war against the populace which has caused desolation, destroying all almost all possibility of a positive, equitable, fulfilling, decent and modestly successful life.

*The above human depravities are some of the major reasons that all human societies have and eventually will fail.
The book Omniascendence and the enchiridion of ToVPE - assert that Honesty, based on the 4 L's, is the basis for a life of rational thinking, caring and giving. And, such a life helps minimize the influence and damage of the above named failings in life.

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