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-- Pop Quiz --
»Question: What is the longest and most dangerous river in South America?

»Answer: The Amazon. -- However, not only is it a dangerous river, amazon the huge corporation, is, in the opinion of most responsible people, one of the most dangerous and unethical predators on the internet.

Perceptive people developed these opinions: When it first started, it used lawsuit threats to beat-up a wonderful, small bookstore and steal their website address: Then they saw it set out to ruin all small bookstores everywhere. Now, they see it as a huge invasive behemoth that bullies and destroys local and small businesses throughout the world while abusing people and stealing private info, much like googlle, malwart and farcebook.

Even though ignorant sheople flock to it,
Astute, careful people of good conscience avoid all interaction with the amazon.
Instead, they find and support honest smaller businesses that offer good value.
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