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copyright  2016 CrossWind Communication Arts, llc. All rights reserved. We will be reinstating the feature: EXOREV - Excellent or Evil
Wherein we evaluate some of the most prominent and (in)famous people of the world
and offer analysis regarding the quality of their character (or lack thereof)
We will also be providing a plethora of clever original sayings suitable for framing or wrapping fish.
Serious sayings such as: You should have serious doubts about anyone who has no doubts
or - frivolous sayings such as: If wishes were fishes, we'd all be up to our eyeballs in mackerel

it's the
    Which are you....?   HIS REAL MESSAGE
this -

There may be a handful of honest caring politicians, but ....   What's it all about:
EVERYONE must be treated
with the respect they earn.
  Stand and salute or be blasted:
  a national symbol to
make america hate again

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