Holey Church of Sempiternal Noetic Sapience
founded by the Heroic Heretic in 2006
now boasting countless followers

Dear Visitor,
This is a real entity that may inspire some and upset others.
We are dedicated and serious but have a sense of humor.
You may explore and/or embrace this, our covenant, of your own volition
and at the risk of becoming more enlightened in a progressive manner.

We are devoted to: all veracity - zero beliefs -- with righteousness, sufficiency and cheesecake for all

Our mores are congruent with the Omniascendent Principle
And we live in accordance with the Omniascendent Resolution

We respect and protect the privacy of all visitors and when they enter this site, they in turn agree to abide by our terms and conditions
E-mail us with questions about our Church or Membership

This work is informational only and, as with everything, you should validate it using other sources.

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