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abbreviated:>RSPRAC     Royal Society for the Preservation and Rejuvenation of Antiquated Computers            Established in 2016

These pages, when finished, will provide information on practical, inexpensive and often free methods to rejuvenate and make full use of antiquated desktop and laptop computers. Our primary focus is on productive and creative computing as opposed to social media and light entertainment uses of PC's. You will find access to a wide variety of comprehensive, up-to-date, complete and highly functional operating sysems which can be used even if (more likely: when) your windows system crashes. And, they can help you rescue your data from the harddrive even when windows won't run.

There are operating systems that can be used on computers as old as 2002 and as new as 2018. There are specialized systems for networking, computer forensics and testing, gaming, and general purpose desktop use. Most of them include word processing, spreadsheets, current web browsers like firefox, E-mail programs, and much more; all free. A good number of them provide entire office suites that are compatible with and equal to or surpass the features of microsoft office, yet are free. You can run most of these new operating systems 'live' without any alteration to your harddrive or its windows system. And, many of them can be easily installed alongside windows so you can choose which to use when your computer starts.

For windows we will show you many trustworthy sources for excellent free and portable programs, as well as methods to maximize security and reliability.
However, every successive version of Windows - from XP, to Vista, to Win 7, to Win 8.1, to Win 10 - has been ever more prone to crashes. Many thousands of users of Windows 10 have experienced almost unrecoverable failures caused by Microsoft updates. Therefore, we recommend against buying and using versions after Win 7.

One limitation is that there are very few options available for computers running the apple (mac) and google (chrome and android) operating systems, since they are such secretive closed systems.

We already provide a wealth of computer information through the Computer Basics link on the Portal Page

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