The Heroic Heretic of the Omnigma Organization
considers the impact of gender on punctuation
This idea has been around for some time, we've made it clearer and more complete

lets examine -
» Gender bias as reflected in punctuation «

Take this sentence:
A woman without her man is nothing.
and punctuate it "correctly".

It was found most males would write:
A woman without her man, is nothing.

It was found most females would write:
A woman; without her, man is nothing.

think carefully about the implications of that.
In today's world there is too much heated rhetoric about gender and sex.
Scientifically, sex is not binary, ~1.7% of the population is of indeterminate biological sex.
We posit that who is speaking should not be important in interpersonal interaction.
We emphasize that honest discussion in good faith,
seeking complete factual enlightenment on every subject is much more important.
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