This is a brief introduction
Welcome - to our multifaceted world of original creative intellectual and artistic expression
An esoteric, unified, multimedia aggregation envisioned and actualized by Don C. Windmiller
What we present here is the culmination of many decades of thoughtful research and creative work by our team.
  There are many diverse elements to our »OMNIGMA ORGANIZATION« However, they are all unified by certain specific common characteristics.
  All the elements of our organization have both artistic and intellectual material. CrossWind Communication Arts, the Arts in Arizona and the Heroic Heretic concentrate on artistic works: multimedia, animations, whimsical and serious works of graphic and fine art.
  Our intellectual endeavors resulted in development of Omniascendence and the Omniascendent Principle, whose goal is shown in this animated logo Our precepts are thoughtful and rational. Yet, some may consider them extreme, eccentric or inconsequential, for, since we espouse rational thought, we reject superstition. This includes the illogical, supernatural elements of religion. We are not zealots, and eschew prejudices, but are immutably dedicated to our Omniascendent Principles
Reading this quick comparison of Atheism with Secular Humanism with Omniascendence should help you to further understand some of these concepts.
  Since even before the 1998 inception of our organization, we were involved in community benefit activism in many projects. And, we have chosen to continue to involve ourselves in studying the intellectual, socio-economic, artistic, and technical theoretical realms; as well as practical, and often physical, applications of that study in the real world.
  Learning and teaching are two sides of one of the most valuable coins in life. We try to be both student and teacher in accordance with our abilities. And, we hope everyone will live that way. While recognizing our limitations (I'm no intellectual giant), when we reach a level of mastery and competence in a particular discipline, we will offer to share what we know.
  Our organization has reached a consensus regarding the standards by which we live. They are presented and explained in our book titled: »OMNIASCENDENCE«
This is a decades long, and ongoing, work-in-progress.
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