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Omniascendence is not a mere physical place or simply a philosophy or a traditional religion or belief system.
Conceptually, it substantially surpasses all of those things. It is a Life System of Thinking, Communicating and Acting
in a Peaceful, Honest, Idealistic yet Rational Ethos toward a more positive, meaningful and hopeful world.
  While people have great potential for being a positive, enlightened force in the world, too many live a life of stagnant ignorance, superstition, selfishness, and a predator or prey mentality.
  We see and appreciate that the world is full of wonders. Yet, we cannot ignore that it is also full of savagery. We desire to always learn more and achieve greater wisdom. Also, we decry the vast gulf between how we hoped the world would develop and the way the world actually is: often driven by selfish, emotional, human behavior prevalent in society. Do you feel a compelling 'mental itch' of intellectual curiosity, a desire to develop your character, achieve a greater perspective, embrace a dedication to Honesty, Peace and Enlightenment and have a desire to help others? If so, we invite and encourage you to delve into Omniascendence. We are confident people of any age will find it intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding in many ways.
  Omniascendence, as a reasoned exploration of the world, has developed and offers a hopeful and fulfilling way of life (of thinking, communicating and acting) based on our idealistic, yet practical, Omniascendent Principle. Guided by Omniascendence, you can rise above the inanity and vanity, the greed and insanity that predominates in the minds of most of humanity.
  We openly invite everyone to explore and incorporate into their daily life any or all of the Omniascendent Principles and methods they find to be of value. But, IMPORTANTLY, we will never attempt to compel, indoctrinate or impose our Principles on anyone. And, we recognize and appreciate that many already live a life of honesty and caring; which are elements of our Principle.
  The Community of the Omniascendent Principle is an Autonomous Primary Substantiated Entity. It does not require or conform to any other socio-political, religious or philosophical system or organization. We have confidence that our community of individuals is a positive force in the world. We seek Wisdom, not an empire. It is a fellowship of people on an endless journey along a virtuous path of honesty, of logic with love, toward greater enlightenment, holding a rational hope for eternal wisdom.
  We have an abiding sense of spirituality guided by rational thinking. We are neither strictly atheistic nor agnostic, but, we eschew the superstition of religion. Admittedly some of our principles, while not extreme, stand at the periphery of mainstream thought and orthodoxy. And, we discuss very straightforwardly serious subjects that some might find controversial.
Many will likely ignore Omniascendence as naive, foolishly idealistic or not pertinent to their lives. The intolerant and extremists might be angered by what Omniascendence stands for without fully understanding it.   However, if you find value in what is summarized above, additional information is HERE or contact us at contact@omnigma.org

the Omnigma Organizationtm and Omniascendencetm as distinct concepts began forming in Don's mind in 1998. But, did not take tangible form until 2016

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