an exposition of the

A Life System of Thinking, Communicating and Acting dedicated to an Idealistic Honest Ethic,
which endeavors to Make Life More Meaningful and hopeful.

The purpose of Omniascendence is to help people better understand, deal with, and work to improve themselves, others and their world, which can lead to a significant measure of contentment. For, the Omniascendent Principle seeks to imbue in people, sufficient life tools based on Honesty and Wisdom to live in a way that helps them gain confidence in themselves without instilling any sense of arrogance.

Therefore, soon we will be offering you -- The OMNIASCENDENCE Multimedia Album --
An original multimedia work, which comes in two forms, both of which are in an 8.5"high x 5.5"wide protective spiral bound booklet.

NOTE: We highly recommend you fully explore the multimedia disc in either version for it offers much more than the printed text alone.

The electronic version includes the multimedia disc which contains the entire text, illustrations and a wonderful assortment of original multimedia works. But, it omits the printed paper copy. (requested reimbursement of $10usd)

The dual version has a printed paper copy of approx. 140 pages that is the entire text and illustrations. Additionally, it includes the multimedia disc which contains the entire text, illustrations and a wonderful assortment of original multimedia works. (requested reimbursement of $20usd)

  We are a not-for-profit organization and derive no financial gain from these works. The reimbursement we request merely covers the cost of the materials used to produce and ship the work. We accept cash and USPS money orders in the exact amount only, made out to Don Windmiller. Shipment is by USPS. Contact us by E-mail at contact@omnigma.org for more info or to request a copy and get the address for sending reimbursements to us. Please, specify which version you want.

Technical Details: The multimedia disc contains a 'browser' version of the book with illustrations and many original multimedia works.
Please obtain an authorized copy of this work only from us, you can then be assured it will be free from malware and complete. We caution you, an illegal copy from elsewhere means we cannot guarantee that it won't contain malware or be altered or incomplete. Our work has been tested to work on ~2005-2016 versions of Windows and Linux computers and browsers from the same time frame: Firefox, Opera, Seamonkey, PaleMoon, Internet Explorer and many others that support frames. However, we highly recommend you not use the untested Chrome browser for security reasons.
Please view it on a screen of at least 12" diagonal measure and a resolution of 1024x768 pixels or greater for easy readability. The multimedia elements open in almost any media player of the same vintage. If your PC won't play the multimedia pieces, there is a free and portable windows based media player (called 'mpc-hc') included on the disc. This work has not been tested on Apple computers or chromebooks but might work, since the file formats are effectively universal.
NOTE: the disc is designed to start automatically. If, after about 10 seconds it hasn't, double click the file 'starthere.htm'.

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