A Comparison of Three Important Life Doctrines
This a carefully formulated, but, brief summary comparing their most important characteristics
There are a number of other elements and characteristics to each of these life doctrines,
but, we are only delving into the primary doctrines of each at this time.
We don't include religions since, essentially, they are only man-made superstitious belief systems
Atheism rejects the folly of the supernatural and superstition, especially as it applies to religions and their incoherent, man made deities. But is is characterized by being mostly limited to that rejection. Which can leave an intellectual and emotional void in one's life.

Secular Humanism goes beyond Atheism in offering positive meaning in its set of ethics aspiring to the greater good of humanity and through its organizations can provide a sense of community
August 14, 2019 Why secular humanism can do what atheism canít Atheism doesn't offer much beyond non-belief, can secular humanism fill the gaps? . . . The American Humanist Association has a similar definition, calling the life stance: ďA progressive philosophy of life that, without theism and other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.Ē

Omniascendence goes beyond both Atheism and Secular Humanism in that it not only prescribes rational ethics, human betterment and a rejection of superstition, religions and irrational man made deities, it encompasses a greater breadth and depth of experience, because it includes consideration of the physical world in which we live. It specifies and offers a full life system of thinking, communicating and acting in a peaceful, honest, idealistic yet rational and practical ethos (a substantive societal culture) working to develop a community, encompassing all of society and the physical world, that is more honest, positive, unprejudiced, caring, creative, hopeful and satisfying.
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