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an intrinsic element of   » THE OMNIGMA ORGANIZATION «
» History and Introduction «
While development began in the 1980s, Omniascendence and The Omnigma Organization were fully conceptualized by 1998. The organization was established in 2007.
» view the goal of the Omniascendent Principle «
   The Omniascendent Community is an Entity within the Autonomous omnigma Organization whidh is not subordinate to, does not require, or conform to any other socio-political, religious or philosophical system, foundation, basis or organization. It does not involve beliefs. One can be accepted as part of this unique community through approval by our Guidance Council and by dedicating your life to and living by our
   Idealistic Omniascendent Principletm
For Above All else, for our Community and beyond, we are Dedicated to Honesty, to Logic with Love in a Balance sublime, as manifest in our sense of Responsibility and True Humility. With Diligence and Peace, Intellectual Curiosity drives our Creativity and Precise Communication as we progress toward Enlightenment with rational hope, leading to ever greater, Omniascendent and Eternal Wisdom.
   Explaining the significance of the Symbol of Omniscendence:
The center H stands for Honesty and is composed of 4 Ls (Logic, Love, Learning and Laughter) The endless golden circle surrounding the H Stands for our immutable dedication to the Omniascendent Principle The H also stands for Helios, for it is surrounded by a ring of golden Ws symbolizing the Sun and representing peaceful, warming rays of rational Wisdom progressing outward toward Eternity.

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The Omniascendent Anthem - a multimedia work
The symbol of Omniascendence
shared with our » Temple of Veracious Pacific Enlightenment «
the symbol of Omniascendence and the omnigma Organization  Copyright 2007 Don C. Windmiller

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