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Some of you will ask yourselves: What do those silly made-up sounding words mean?
   Part of our ongoing endeavor toward greater enlightenment is working to achieve better communication skills. Using many resources, we sought appropriate existing terminology to describe our organization and principles. We couldn't find terms that fully encompassed and defined the concepts we value. That is why we created the terms:
Omnigma and Omniascendence.
   Omnigma is our term that is a combination of 'omni-' and 'enigma'
» omni meaning all pervasive or in simpler terms 'every'
» enigma meaning something abstruse, complex, advanced and that is difficult to understand or explain
   Thus, our Omnigma Organization is conceptually esoteric; exceeding simple explanation and understanding. It is described by our Omniascendent Principle*
   Omniascendence is our term and concept independently and originally created by me, Don C. Windmiller, in the early 1990’s. Making every effort to preclude audacity, the term is designed to be conceptually descriptive of our purpose as an Autonomous, Idealistic, Rational, Axiological Entity.
   it is a combination of 'omni-' and 'ascendence'
» omni meaning all pervasive or in simpler terms 'every'
» ascendence meaning the act of progressing upward: ascending (but, not as in societal dominance), implying ‘evolving upward toward becoming more enlightened and surmounting limitations’. Thus Omniascendence is ‘proceeding to surmount (overcome) all obstacles, through honest endeavor; ascending and progressing toward enlightenment in pursuit of our goal of ever increasing wisdom’. This includes the connotation that Omniascendence seeks to achieve a perspective with the greatest breadth, depth and accuracy of perception humanly possible.
   *the Omniascendent Principle -
For Above All else, for our Community and beyond, we are Dedicated to Honesty, to Logic with Love in a Balance sublime, as manifest in our sense of Responsibility and True Humility. With Diligence and Peace, Intellectual Curiosity drives our Creativity and Precise Communication as we progress toward Enlightenment with rational hope, leading to ever greater, Omniascendent and Eternal Wisdom.
   And, there are supplementary, yet essential, principles, theorems and axioms complementary to the above primary principle and they are found in our book 'OMNIASCENDENCE'.
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