the Hierarchical structure of
-- The Omnigma Organizationtm -- 2007
motto: ad omnia sapientia - toward ultimate wisdom
Which is the integrative entity for:
-- CrossWind Communication Arts, llc tm -- 1998*
motto: Toward Enlightenment through Communication by Means of the Arts and Sciences
-- Omniascendence tm -- 2007
and -- The Omniascendent Communitytm -- 2007
-- the Heroic Heretic tm -- 2003
Incisive Satirical Opinion since 2003
-- The Arts in Arizona tm -- 2007
motto: an organization for discerning people who value the fine arts
-- The Temple of Veracious Pacific Enlightenment (ToVPE)tm -- 2016
-- Ehrlichtor tm -- 2019 Ehrlictor
the Gateway to the Realms of Veritable Entities
-- the 9to5 Theses of the Veracious Pacific Terrapintm -- 2016
-- the Blue Cloud Undergroundtm -- 2013
All these entities were conceived of in or before 1998 and are the creation of Don C. Windmiller
His effort and intent is defined by the Omniascendent Principle
tm as he endeavors to create and preserve
worthwhile, unique and esoteric work of technical, intellectual and artistic ingenuity.

the entirety of these entities are tm and Copyright as indicated in the hierachy above and throughout this work by Don C. Windmiller of CrossWind Communication Arts, llctm
All rights reserved.

The exceptions to copyright and trademark claim are any intellectual property of others as acknowledged, respected
and noted by reference herein and any other elements which are public domain.

the  Copyright 1998 and tm personal seal of Don C. Windmiller
(*Domain Names first registered to Don W.-- 1999, 1999, 2006, 2006)
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Shh! it's a secret --
        Heroic Heretic
        Wissender Theodore Fortleben
        Sherman Jerrold
        the Veracious Pacific Terrapin
        Saila Noyb
        Donner Windstimme
        Electro-Musical Force
        are all trademark pen names of Don C. Windmiller.
        And, those names and the content of his work under those names and their respective websites is
        Copyright Don C. Windmiller of CrossWind Communicaton Arts, llc. and they are registered with the Library of Congress
        All rights reserved.