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Our philosophy of Website design
   We focus on true simplicity and effectiveness of layout; concise, complete and substantive communication. Our site pages have some images of significant size and an abundance of carefully written text, therefore we design for screens that are 10" or larger in diagonal measure. We are not primarily interested in people viewing our sites on phones, so we do not incorporate all the inefficient code to accomodate them. You will find that our pages load much quicker than most other sites. Part of our communication goal is to avoid icons since they are all too often vague, meaningless and confusing.
   We consider social media, as it has developed, a social epidemic, so you will not find funky often changing social media icons or links on our pages.
   To ensure good readability on extended text passages, it is proven that serif fonts are easier for the eye to read and for the brain to decipher. We ensure that there is sufficient contrast between text and background to prevent eye-strain.
   We avoid trendy, complex coding with lots of scripts and tricks that slow down page loading. We hate pages that require endless wasteful scrolling to read. Our team thinks 'cool' floating panels obscuring images is obnoxious.
   Also, it is harder for the eye to follow a very long line of text. So, we often break it into two moderate columns. Given the incredible variety of screen resolutions, it is difficult to create a layout that neatly fits every screen. We compose using screens of a 1024w x 768h pixel resolution. It is a good compromise for all the different media and uses. Extremely short and wide screens are popular, but they are only useful and appropriate for 'wide screen videos'.
Unlike some, we don't require specific browser versions. We test using Firefox, Seamonkey and Palemoon, Edge should work, too. We recommend against using Chrome because of its spyware reputation.
» Simplicity is often a sign of sophistication.
   You should now have a good general idea of our design philosophy. We will add more info here later.
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