-- Computer Basics and more --
updated 2017 - Much of this info is still valid, some is older
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the Royal Society for the Preservation and Rejuvenation of Antiquated Practical Technology
For years we've provided computers and instruction to low-income people and social service non-profits

-- working to make computing - simpler - safer - more enjoyable --
This Presentation will focus on Desktop and Laptop Computers
While there are many common operational elements among desktops, laptops, tablets and phones
-- phones and Apple products won't be addressed at this time
we strongly recommend you not use any G00GLE, CHR0ME, CHR0MEBOOK or AMAZ0N devices or products - they are abusive

please, first, read the

The world of computing devices and the Internet is incredibly complex and more dangerous every day.
We work hard to make sense of it all for you in the simplest way we can.
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