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Creative Intellectual Exposition, Exploration and Original Artistic Expression

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Since 1968 we have created works and engaged in action for the benefit of decent communities. However, the destructive dishonesty and greed of all the corporations; the murderous, hateful, bigoted, superstitious attitudes and actions of so many compel us to remove our works from public access.
Anyone who will agree to abide by our privacy protections and terms and conditions and wishes to view our work may request access by contacting us at contact2@omnigma.org
All the members of our organization who contribute here spend years researching, analyzing and investing much objective and creative thought and effort into developing our works. Some may find them controversial, abstruse or disagree with them. While some parochial minds may even be offended.
Our multimedia creations are esoteric; sometimes serious, satirical or whimsical. Many are classical in style, some are rustic, all are original and innovative. Not all of them are as sophisticated as we would make them if we had greater resources. They should appeal to a wide range of interests and age groups.
But, please note: some items are risque and should be viewed only by open-minded, mature people
We hope you find our works intellectually thought provoking and artistically enjoyable.

one of our most important and primal elements,    Omniascendencetm  is defined as
A life system of Thinking, Communicating and Acting in a Peaceful, Honest, Idealistic yet Rational Ethos toward a more positive, meaningful and hopeful world
And, we espouse a life of More Method and Less Madness

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