A musical experiment
Traum Tanz - loosely based on a Johannes Brahms Waltz from the 19th Century

Created by DCW using:
    Noteworthy Composer - an excellent music composition and notation program
    GoldWave - sophisticated audio recording and editing software
    The Instrument voices were recorded live and then individually and lovingly transmogrified by DCW
    The composition and recording was done on computers built by DCW over a decade ago
    The music was performed (almost) live by:

                ElectroMusical Force - the chamber trio for the 21st century - copyright and tm Don C. Windmiller

      Due to size constraints, the video component of this multimedia work is not visible here.

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  Entirety © Copyright and tm December 2016 Don C. windmiller of CrossWind Communication Arts, llc
All rights reserved.
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