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This site of the Omnigma Organization
offers a lot of information and entertainment - including many multimedia works and animations.
But, it contains what some will call a superabundance of writing
We feel that good communication requires complete and often highly detailed writing.
But, we appreciate concise writing and do try to avoid verbosity.

I'm so opposed to verbosity that I've written a 900 word essay on that subject!
yes, we have a twisted sense of humor
We admit that there is overlap (redundancy) in some of what we consider to be the more important topics we present. We are not unique in that. Other authors also resort to stating important points multiple times, usually in different places and often using slightly different wording (paraphrasing). We will be reviewing this to see if we are being excessive in the use of this technique. And, while some will say we are too preachy or boring, we do strive for balance by presenting a variety of entertaining creations as well as offering information on our research and on what we consider our essential life goal And, we are open to polite constructive comments by E-mail

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