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  In summary, the ToVPE, founded in 2016, is an intrinsic element of the Omnigma Organization. It is a substantial, esoteric international community; well esbablished and growing, and which exceeds the principles of secular humanism. It is a secular institution and its principles and altruism have earned it wide spread trust and respect. All members: Disciples, Adherents, Guidance Council and eparch; dedicate themselves to, and are immutably and unyieldingly compelled to obey and live ethically and responsibly in accordance with the authority of the Omniascendent Principle, the book Omniascendence, our Enchiridion and the precepts as extolled herein by our eparch.   While some might consider the ToVPE the equivalent of a religion if it existed in the realm of beliefs, we reject supernatural superstition, beliefs and deities.Thus, whenever there is any conflict with other ordinances or authorities, including those of corporations, societal governance or religious clericalism or belief, we treat them as subordinate to the authority of our principles and do not allow them to have any influence or impact on our lives. We are part of no political party. We reject and disavow any oath or allegiance to, compliance with or support of any outside entity including: capitalism, supernatural man made religion, selfish and destructive ideologies, governance or any other entity contrary to our principles.
All of us at the Omnigma Organization and ToVPE have been involved as Community Benefit Activists for over a half century, helping individuals and organizations to succeed in concert with our principles. One of our earlier organizations CrossWind Communication Arts, llc, founded in 1998, helps artists and art lovers in many ways. Anyone is free to learn about the ToVPE. But, formal affiliation requires acceptance of and dedication to our principles. There are benefits for those who are affiliates and contributors. Our Enchiridion has more information. You are welcome to contact us at: contact@omnigma.org
Here are a few important and worthwhile online organizations that we are members of and support:
the Freedom From Religion Foundation
the FreeThought Blogs
the American Civil Liberties Union
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